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What Is An Ambi-Left™ Certified Product?

While many products claim to be "ambidextrous" or "left and right hand compatible", many are constructed so that in actual use they are effectively right handed. Products which really are constructed so that both you and your right handed partners can use them with equal effectiveness we call "Ambi-Left"™ - or, we suppose, "Ambi-Right" if you look at them from the perspective of the right handers!

For a product which claims to be "ambidextrous" to be an Ambi-Left Certified product we test and review it to make sure that the product:

  • Is constructed with switches, buttons, triggers, etc. all located and oriented in such a way that they are identically accessible for left or right handed users.
  • Operates in such a way that it can be used equally effectively by either left or right handed users.
  • If the product requires any configuration for left handed use the instructions must be easy to follow and the device must remember that it is configured for left hand use (so you don't have to configure it again every time you want to use it).

For example, this is a close up of the handle of a very popular reaching tool (AKA "grabber" or "reacher"):

Right Hand Only Reaching Tool

The handle grip appears symmetrical and it looks like it could be used left or right handed. However, the grip lock button is operated by the thumb and it is on the left side of the handle so while it's great if you're holding the grabber in your right hand, if you're holding the grabber in your left hand it will be virtually impossible to use the grip lock. Now here is the handle of another reaching tool:

Ambi-Left Reaching Tool Handle

Again, a center line handle grip but on this product the grip lock button is placed in the center of the handle for equally easy access by either the left or the right thumb. This is an Ambi-Left product.

We don't include all products that are ambidextrous but we test lots of them and when we find ones that are useful - particularly in categories where the majority of the products are distinctly right handed - we include them in our listings. Ambi-Left certified products are tagged with a marker in the lower right corner of their primary image so there will be no confusion with true left handed items:

Ambi-Left Back Scratcher

This back scratcher design is totally symmetrical so it can be used equally effectively by both left and right handed people. But it is not a specifically left handed item so we tag it as "Ambi-Left Certified".

If you have products which are unique enough that you feel they would be good additions to our Ambi-Left Certified collection just drop us an email at and we'll check them out.

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